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2017 Quarter 4 Issue 33

2017 Quarter 4 Issue 33 Message from the Chief Editor

COP (Coefficient of Performance) refers to the cooling capacity obtained by power consumption per unit, being an important index of technology and economy in the cooling system. High COP indicates high efficiency of energy utilization in the cooling system. As for a water chiller, one way to evaluate its performance is COP, which in fact is the ratio of cooling capacity and input power in the cooling system. COP can well reflect the overall performance of water chillers, and higher COP means higher efficiency of the cooling system.

Temperature control box is a controller that uses actual temperature of thermocouple’s detecting machine parts to reach the set temperature. It is an essential part of hot runner system, being connected with the system but meanwhile keeping its own independence. The accuracy and stability of temperature control box and the quality of the system are tied closely with each other. In this issue, temperature control box in the hot runner system will be analyzed in detail.

This time, Shini has designed central conveying system for a company in Chongqing, a system enjoying large and scientific layout. In this system, there are many bright spots, and the most distinct one is reactive refilling system, which not only makes remote communication but also enjoys convenient operation, powerful function and good counter-error effects.

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